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the weapon we have is love.

So I don't post anymore, or not very much. And when I do post, is it for an epic life update? No, the only real updates I have are (01) I'm temporarily a professor, (02) I bought Frye boots, and (03) I don't even have a third thing. Oh, (03) can be that I saw Inception. Really, I am just here to post that Harry Potter meme, because I can't help it. Aja did it all in one, rather than one question per day, so I feel justified in doing so too!

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got a lack of inhibition, got a loss of perspective.

I've been threatening to make a post about Glee for a long time. I suppose this is it. First of all, here is a confession: I love Glee. I have so many problems with the show and yet it brings me a lot of undeniable joy, so I'm just stating that right here. I should also note that I'm going to use examples from episodes 1x1 to 1x13, so this will be full of spoilers for those who want to avoid that sort of thing.

A picture of five Glee members with main white characters Finn and Rachel in the forefront while Tina and Mercedes and Kurt dance in the background

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Also, every time I hear the words "New Directions," which I guess is their name, all I think of is But I'm A Cheerleader. Wonder if that was intentional. It might speak a lot to what Glee hopes it's doing, or thinks it's doing, being both a fantasy version of real life issues and evoking exaggerated stereotypes and sexism/homophobia, but . . . as far as I'm concerned, maybe you need to check back, Glee, because there is a huge difference between what you are doing and what But I'm A Cheerleader did.

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot, I meant to talk about Glee compared to Arrested Development, but now I am too tired and muddled. Maybe next half of the season.

pray that she makes it through

Harry Potter and the . . .

How has no one but lesstraveled posted a movie review yet? Oh, is it because you all went to bed after seeing it, like sane people? Well, it's 4:30 AM, fuck yeah, and I'm going to talk about Harry Potter. Can you believe I'm only ever going to make two more of these posts? It saddens me but makes me grateful for two movies left, not just one. I will lap up every second I get.

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I'm sure I have more to say but I can't think coherently right now. These were my preliminary thoughts, but I'm sure I missed a thousand things. Talk to me, all of you! And for those of you who made my sad attempt at a Harry Potter party actually become a small Harry Potter party, I love you forevs.

Edit: And 'bri, I didn't take your advice, I got a little drunk beforehand. It made the awkward a lot less awkward. I could write a whole post about seeing Emma tonight and where my head's at there, though, so I shall save that for another time. BECAUSE IT'S STILL HARRY POTTER TIME! GO TO IT.

Edit 2: Oops . . . I kind of forgot to talk about Dumbledore?

Edit 3: I've seen the Where The Wild Things Are trailer a gazillion times by now, but never on the big screen. I think there were actual tears in my eyes. Can't wait! I can, however, wait for New Moon. Half my theater was screaming in joy and the other half was laughing hysterically and booing. Harry Potter fans, ilu.


Edit 5: Or you could just read Cathy's beautiful, spot-on review.